TwinLuxe 'Perfect Shave Experience'

Shaving takes on a big role in the average man's life. The time spent shaving in one's lifetime would be the equivalent of time walking from Los Angeles to New York and back – twice!

With the proper shaving tips and technique, silvertip badger hair shave brush & razor, and the top men's skin care products, the monotonous task of wet shaving can be transformed into a soothing, pampering ritual. Bring the professional barbershop facial spa experience into your own home and at the same time, maintain your skin's vibrancy.

Our detailed guide to the perfect shave experience using TwinLuxe 'Shaving Skincare' products will take you through this rewarding ritual step by step.

pre-shave +

STEP 1: Open Pores / Soften Hair Follicles > Closer Shave:
Apply a hot wet TwinLuxe Shave Towel made out of the softest Turkish micro-cotton, or simply splash warm water for about one minute onto the face. This step will help relax and open your facial pores, exposing more hair for the razor blade to lift. The better the grip of the hair – the closer the shave.

STEP 2: Deep Clean / Exfoliate > Smoother Clean Skin:
On a damp face, dispense a nickel-sized amount of the TwinLuxe Renewing Face Wash & Scrub and massage in a circular motion. The gentle microbeads exfoliate, smooth away roughness and prevent ingrown hairs – the key to a comfortable close shave – while the nourishing facial scrub cleanser will help unclog pores and promote glowing skin. Wash off thoroughly with warm water and tap face dry with a soft towel.

STEP 3: Boost Skin’s Defenses / Add Protective Barrier > No Irritation:
TwinLuxe Booster Serum is an irritation-fighting formula that boosts skin’s defense and adds a protective barrier between the razor blade and skin allowing for a better glide, all while nourishing the skin. Apply the ultra light-weight serum all over shaving area of face and neck.

shave +

STEP 1: Increase Circulation / Smooth Skin > Optimum Glide:
Scoop up a generous amount of TwinLuxe Smooth Shave Cream with dry fingertips and dab over face. In gentle circular motions, massage the cream on face/neck with a dry TwinLuxe silvertip badger hair Shave Brush which helps with skin exfoliation. Your hair follicles will soften, uplifting the hair for maximum grip for a super slick shave. Re-apply if shaving cream begins to thin out.

** Unlike other shave creams, TwinLuxe Smooth Shave Cream is specifically formulated with enough water content, so this is why we recommend a dry application for maximum performance.

STEP 2: Close Lift / Grip > Precision Cut:
Rinse the TwinLuxe Razor under warm water and gently shave in the direction of hair growth starting at sideburns. Do not press hard – excessive pressure causes skin irritations and razor burns. Keep strokes to around one inch around mustache/noise/chin areas, and two inches around cheeks/sideburns. Rinse razor blades under hot water in between strokes. Shaving against the growth may lead to ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Rinse brush & razor thoroughly with running warm water. Flick off excess water, and slide brush with bristles facing down onto the stand. Face razor up to dry.

post-shave +

STEP 1. Close Pores / Soothe > Rescue:
Rinse face with warm water to remove remaining shave cream. Immediately splash cold water onto the entire face and neck to close and tighten pores. Pat dry with a soft Shave Towel. Apply TwinLuxe Instant Rescue Gel to any cuts, nicks or impurities, to help relieve redness and fight irritation.

STEP 2. Refresh / Re-Power > Renew:
Apply the lightweight TwinLuxe Booster Serum to problem spots on the face. The power serum is instantly absorbed into the skin to help revive and renew one’s complexion.

STEP 3: Moisturize / Soothe > Nourish:
TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm is the crucial final step to a perfect shave and glowing skin: gently massage the intensive non-oily facial moisturizer onto face and neck to hydrate the skin with essential nutrients. The gentle and long-lasting balm will nourish the skin to help fight off the signs of fine lines and irritation. Moisture is the key to vibrant, healthy skin.