Sample Requests

TwinLuxe offers 'Shaving Skincare' samples upon request.

$5.00 shipping & handling fee for every 2 samples if within the USA.
$7.50 shipping & handling fee for every 2 samples if outside the USA.
Samples need not be the same.

You also receive a Gift Code, valid only on, in the equivalent amount of your shipping & handling fee. Hence, your samples are free should you decide to purchase any of our skincare. *** Repeat sample requests of previously ordered samples will not be eligible for the Gift Code offer.

ie: If you want to order 6 samples within the USA, price will be $5 x 3 = $15.
You'll also receive a $15 Gift Code to redeem on

How To Order Samples

Send a PayPal payment to with the following:

a) Full name
b) Shipping address
c) Email address
d) Phone #
e) Name of 'Shaving Skincare' products you would like to sample

If you do not have a PayPal account, please send an email with the above information to, and we will email you a PayPal invoice which you can pay by credit card.